New games!

So, in gaming news, I’ve been playing a new game called Global Agenda with some coworkers. It’s pretty fun. It’s an FPS with some RPG elements. It’s an “MMO” in that your character persists and there are crafting skills, but that’s about it. The PVP is actually really well done and has some fun variation. Plus, the “demo” is a pretty full featured look at the game. I highly recommend trying the game out for free. One really cool thing is that you just buy the game. There’s no monthly at all on it.

In table top news, we played our first game of Shadowrun 4th edition today. I dig it. Playing the face is a lot of fun. I’m always the one doing all of the talking in our games anyway, so it works out well. The one problem that I have is that I don’t have any proper minis. Anyone know of a good source for futuristic minis that include some dwarves, elves and trolls? I’d hate to dump a ton of dough on some Warhammer 40k minis just to use a few of them. Maybe there’s a place I can buy them individually instead of in packs of 5-20? Anyway, fun regardless.

That’s all for now, peeps. Later.



Hey guys. I know, it’s been a while. Thought I would come back and say hi to my friends. Or who ever reads this thing. I just haven’t had the motivation lately. Not sure why.

Life’s been good. We’ve been doing a lot of fun stuff and just kind of hanging out. I have started trying to live a bit healthier. I rode my bike into the office last Friday and am going to again next Friday. I do find I need some rest between rides, though. It really takes a lot out of my legs to ride that 20 miles. Some of my office mates ride more than that every day. Color me impressed.

In gaming news, WOW is going well. We’ve already hit level 52, so we’re really booking through the levels. I’m looking forward to getting back into the end game content with some new people. Hopefully it will be a fresh experience and will revitalize my love of the game. I think I really do like the Horde side of the game better. Cooler quests. Cooler races. I’ve always liked the slant that both sides see the other as evil. It’s not that the Horde is actually evil, or that the Alliance is actually evil. They both do bad things to the other side in the guise of good. Although, I feel like the Horde has a bit more of a practical view of what they do.

Our D&D game is still going well. We’re level 10 and going to hit the paragon soon! I’m stoke to move on to the next tier of ownage! My Ardent is still rocking and rolling. I still dig him a lot. The group is moving along pretty well. I think we still need to work on our positioning more. We’re also going to start playing Shadowrun! I am so excited to play Shadowrun again. I love the setting so much. Mechanics: meh. We’ll see how well they work with this new version of the game. I’m thinking I want to play a Decker/Rigger because they can be so much fun. Maybe I’ll pick up some Warhammer 40K minis to paint for the characters… WIN!

In music news, we went to Outside Lands last weekend. It was a great day that was pretty long as well. It was a little exhausting, but totally worth it. Saw a great performance by Amos Lee. I’ve heard of him before, but never really heard any of his stuff. He’s a super cool mellow, folky singer/songwriter style dude. I dug it. Going to pick up his album. Phoenix, a band I like, but wasn’t a super fan, put on the best show I have seen in a LONG time. They were SOOO into the set and so blown away by the audience interaction that it was just a genuine connection and they fed on it. It was freaking amazing. Oh. And Kings of Leon were good. I just wish they could be impressed by how much people like them instead of hating it. It really turns me off.

Ok. I think this is a coherent and interesting post. Enjoy, my friends.


I guess I should stop striving for a “Friday” update, as it doesn’t happen lately. Tomorrow morning, we are hooking up the trailer and taking off for a little weekend camping trip that should be a lot of fun. We’ll be hanging out with our friend’s from the country and probably drinking too much. Half of them are from Scandinavia, so they like to drink. And they drink some real hard stuff. Should be a lot of fun. Taking Friday and Monday off. Unfortunately, I don’t get paid for the days off. I even have furloughs this quarter. 15% is a lot more than you think. Oh well. I guess it gives me an excuse to relax and have some fun

In other news, Amy and I have started playing WoW again. It’s been a blast so far. Loving it again. It’s funny how much fun the game is when you walk away from it for a while. It really is a great game. You just forget when you enslave yourself to someone else’s schedule. We’ll be playing D&D tonight, too. That will be great. Still trying to escape the Pyramid of Shadows. Anyway, enjoy your weekend, friends!

Missed post!

Doh!! I missed last Friday… Sorry. I will flog myself tonight to make up for it.

We have a pretty full weekend, so maybe it was for the best. We started Friday morning with another bike ride, which was good. Two Saturday mornings in a row. We’re really going to try and get this exercise thing going for real. After that, we went to a really nice Birthday BBQ for a friend of ours. It was really good. Amy’s friend Sandra makes her own salsa and it’s freaking awesome. She also made Mexican rice and beans from scratch. OH EM GEE! It was SOOO good. Great food. We also had some great Tri-Tip.

And then we got up the next morning and took our niece to one of the coolest places ever; Skyhigh. It’s a warehouse full of trampoline setups. Really cool. They have a big section for dodge ball and even run leagues there. It’s pretty sweet. And then yet another BBQ. So, yeah, we ate a lot, but we also got some good exercise in. And trampolines are a LOT more work than they seem. You can work up a sweet pretty damn quickly.

Speaking of flogging, Amy and I have been trying to get pregnant for about a year now. I know, we only got married 6 months ago. Bite me. So, I will get to go see the fertility experts and give a sample tomorrow. Yes. It’s what you think. Wee.

Anyway, that’s my life. See you later, friends.

Late Friday post is late… And short

Woot! Back in town and the swing of things… Not much to talk about, though. Just kind of readjusting. I’ll post more next week. Maybe I’ll pick a couple of my favorite photos from the trip and post those too. Later friends!


Well, I feel like a serious slacker. I’m 4 fridays behind!

Euro Trip was very good. We had a great time on the cruise, but it would have been more fun if it was just the two of us. Instead, we spent time with our families. Sigh. Oh well. It was still fun. We saw some great places and got to eat some good foods. I just wish we could have had a lot more immersion in the cultures. It’s just so hard to really commit to a place when you’re only there for 6 hours. We will definitely not be doing another cruise like this. Maybe in Mexico where we know the culture, but not in Europe. River cruise in Europe, maybe. Those are a bit different.

In other life news, we are almost done moving across the hall to our new place (if you have our address, it’s now a 3 instead of a 4). It’s a relief, as the cooling setup and layout for are so much better. Also, with another room and closet, our new arrangement of our apartment is really nice. I’m really liking the way that its shaping up. It will be nice once we are done, but this is a very easy move. Well, that’s my update for the weeks. Talk to you later, friends.

Early blog is early

Well, we are almost out of here. Tomorrow, bright and early, we get on a plane from San Francisco and fly to London. Woot! I’m so excited! I even get to bring along some sweet new gadgets. Totally bringing my iPad, of course. We also picked up a really nice new point and click camera from Best Buy. It’s a Sony Cybershot with a 7x optical zoom and 14 mega pixels. Awesome deal right now. 199. I’m also borrowing about the coolest add-on for both. The iPad camera connect kit. I can plug my camera right into the iPad and download all my pictures to it. Freaking sweet! I love it!!! It’s take about 50 days to get one ordered though. Thankfully, a friend of mine just got his and it comes with two connectors. One is for USB connections and the other is a memory card reader. He doesn’t use the USB connector, so he’s letting us borrow it for the trip. What an awesome dude. I will be sure to bring him back something from our trip as thanks. Well, that’s pretty much all that’s going on with us right now. Talk to you later, friends.

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